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‘This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen’: The life of Jade Augustus

Jade Augustus, one of the best-known stars in the country, has died aged 73.She died in hospital at the weekend after a lengthy illness.She was a popular figure in her hometown of Melbourne, and in the state’s capital of Canberra, where she was born.She appeared in several Australian films, including the hit ABC soap, The […]

How to make the most of jada kiss’s ‘jungle resort’

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Jada Kiss is shutting down its popular beach-front resort, Jada kiss.The reason: the city of Jacksonville, Florida, is trying to build a resort to house its growing homeless population.And while the resort will still open for business in a few months, the announcement comes on the heels […]

Why Jade Bakers is still selling Jade ChynowETH merch after Jade Smith’s death

JADE CHYNOWETH: The story of a woman, her life and death.A life that ended tragically and for all the right reasons.A woman who overcame a terrible illness and faced a world of pain and hatred to make a life for herself.It is an emotional story that touches all the people who love her and all […]

Why Jade East Shouldn’t Get Her Own TV Show

Jade East, the Emmy-winning star of the hit HBO drama “Game of Thrones,” should not be getting her own television series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.In a statement released by her rep, East’s rep says East will not be on a Netflix series based on the HBO drama series “Game Of Thrones.”East, the actress, wrote […]

How to Get Your Pussy Pounded at August and August: August 1st – August 10th

It’s the month of August, the month we celebrate August and celebrate sex.So it’s a great time to get your pussy pounded at August’s August 1-10 festival!There will be some good fun to do as well as a few more surprises and contests to go around.The best part?August will be filled with tons of events […]

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