Why do women have a hard time having babies?

The problem isn’t the men, though, the problem is the women.They’re not fertile enough.And when they do have children, it’s because they are either unwilling to have children or they’re unwilling to put up with a man’s abuse and manipulation.In a recent study, researchers at the University of British Columbia analysed data from 1,000 women […]

How to get a new pair of jeans that are worth the money?

Vintage Jade Distylium is selling a new set of jeans for about £150,000 (AU$220,000) on its website. The jeans have a vintage style and the brand says it was created “to make sure the jeans are unique and beautiful”. But the brand is not the only brand in the market with a vintage-inspired look. Other brands have launched […]

Jaden Hardy is back with a new album, Jade Palace menu

Jaden and Jade Palace have been hard at work preparing for their upcoming album, and it looks like the duo is bringing back some of the sounds they had with them on their previous record.According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Jaden, who has released his first solo album since 2013, and Jade will […]

How to make the most of jada kiss’s ‘jungle resort’

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Jada Kiss is shutting down its popular beach-front resort, Jada kiss.The reason: the city of Jacksonville, Florida, is trying to build a resort to house its growing homeless population.And while the resort will still open for business in a few months, the announcement comes on the heels […]

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