Who is Nikki Jade Taylor? – Nikki Jade Taylor

A British-Irish beauty queen has been charged with cheating in her relationship with a boyfriend.Nikki Jade Tiffany was arrested at her home in Newport, West Sussex, on Thursday after police said she was found guilty of an alleged act of dishonest behaviour.Tiffany, 27, was handed a suspended prison sentence, but was released on bail pending […]

How to get a new pair of jeans that are worth the money?

Vintage Jade Distylium is selling a new set of jeans for about £150,000 (AU$220,000) on its website. The jeans have a vintage style and the brand says it was created “to make sure the jeans are unique and beautiful”. But the brand is not the only brand in the market with a vintage-inspired look. Other brands have launched […]

Why Jade Bird is the most powerful person in Trump’s White House: A guide to the man behind the headlines

The president’s chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, has been the most influential man in the West Wing, but his most important role is to be the president’s mouthpiece.He is the one who tells the president what the rest of the world thinks, what he thinks is news, what is the media’s agenda, and how to handle […]

How to grow Jade plants in a drought-stricken home

The Jade plant, the native plant that produces tea, is one of the few plants that thrive in a region of California where it’s being wiped out.The plant is native to the desert of the southwestern United States.When temperatures are low, it’s a good option to grow.“I’ve been in California for a couple of years […]

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