How to beat a woman who doesn’t like you

Jade Kush is a “freaky blonde” and a “slut” who can’t “take a joke,” according to the self-proclaimed “Dirty Harry” rapper who was convicted of assault.

Kush, whose real name is Jade Raymond, said she “wasn’t supposed to be there” when she went to the studio to record the single “Ain’t Got No Clothes” in May 2017.

In court papers, she told police that when she was with her friend and “dancing in the studio,” the rapper started yelling at her for wearing a t-shirt she said didn’t have a picture of herself on it.

She also told police he told her to “go back to your country,” but she refused and said she’d never be allowed back into the United States.

She said she wanted to leave the United Kingdom.

Kuch later said she was in a nightclub and didn’t want to get too drunk and that the rapper began beating her.

She told police she fought back but he was still beating her with a belt.

She told police her friend was taken to the hospital, where she said he suffered a “massive concussion.”

Kush told police the rapper later told her he wanted to “slash her” and that she should take her to his home in Los Angeles, where he had a room with a bed and “a few televisions.”

Kuch said she never left the United Kingdom, but she was able to make her way to the United Arab Emirates.

Kut, 28, was sentenced to six months in jail in January.

She also was fined $2,000 and ordered to pay $2.4 million in fines, restitution and court costs.

The rapper was released on bail in May, and he had his passport revoked.

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