When Jada Pinkett was pregnant, she refused to see her father

A woman who said she was pregnant with a child who was never born in the first place and who became pregnant with his daughter in a Texas prison is now suing her former foster parents, claiming she was sexually assaulted by them.

Jada Pinketts sued her former caretaker, the former director of the Children’s Colony at El Paso County and former director and general manager of the El Paso Women’s and Children’s Hospital, in Texas state court, alleging she was a victim of a “systematic abuse” and also a victim in the state’s “systemic failure” to prevent sexual abuse.

Pinkett, a single mother of three, filed the lawsuit on behalf of herself and the other two children, ages 11 and 11 months.

The lawsuit alleges the alleged abuse occurred between July 2016 and March 2017.

Pinkett alleges the abuse happened in her care while the other children were in the care of her father and another foster carer.

The allegations were also reported in a newspaper.

Pinketts said she had not seen her biological child in two years when she became pregnant, and said she refused medical treatment to conceive.

She said she never received a diagnosis of gestational diabetes and said her medical team did not contact her family about the child.

She said she went to her father for treatment at the Elks Lodge on the night of Aug. 8, 2016, and that he admitted to abusing her and sexually assaulting her in the past.

Pinkerts alleged her father sexually abused her in her home in El Paso while she was in her late teens, and he admitted the abuse in her custody.

She alleged her biological father admitted to her in a jailhouse interview in October 2016.

The children were placed with Pinkerts father, but her father left in May 2017 after she began seeking a divorce from him.

Pinketts claims the foster caretaker abused her and also her other children, the Elkins Lodge manager, a former general manager and the Elkhart Police Department all knew about the abuse.

She also claims that her father threatened her by calling her a “whore” and by threatening to burn her house down if she told anyone.

She says the abuse also affected her relationship with her mother, who had custody of her children.

Pinktts claims the abuse took place at the children’s residential program where the children were living.

She says her foster caretakers were abusive and sexually assaulted her and other children.

She filed a complaint with the Elk County Child Protective Services agency and said the agency told her it had already been made aware of the abuse, but did not take action.

Pinkitts complaint said she contacted the agency to report the abuse to a law enforcement officer, but she said the child protective agency refused to take action, saying she was too upset to file a complaint.

She filed a lawsuit in October of 2017 against the foster home, the hospital and the Department of Human Services, alleging negligence and abuse.

She also said the Elkin Police Department was negligent, failing to report her claims and failing to protect her children, including her biological children.

The Department of Public Safety is reviewing Pinkett’s complaint, and the department is reviewing the allegations and the lawsuit to determine if it will file charges.

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