What to do if you’re worried about your online privacy

It’s no secret that people tend to keep their online privacy settings pretty tightly controlled.

But now, a new survey has revealed that almost half of Brits have some sort of cyber security policy that is at least somewhat restrictive.

A total of 51 per cent of people surveyed said they had at least one piece of online privacy policy that they had to comply with, according to the survey from the online service security firm Sophos.

That’s a significant number, as most people don’t have much control over what information they share online.

But, when it comes to their online health, the numbers are even worse.

Only 20 per cent said they have a policy that’s at least slightly restrictive, with the vast majority of people saying they have at least a little bit of privacy settings at work.

“It’s not surprising that people would be worried about their privacy, as they tend to be very conscious of the things that are going on online,” says the Sophos survey.

The survey also asked respondents if they had ever felt they were being watched or surveilled by someone they didn’t know.

Of the nearly 1,200 people polled, only about 20 per’th said they ever felt their personal information was being collected by someone.

“When it comes down to it, people have no control over the privacy settings they set for their personal data, so it’s very hard to understand why people are worried,” says Paul Dettwiler, co-founder of the cyber security firm, Sophos, which conducted the survey.

What you need to know about cyber attacks and cyber attacks prevention:Read moreThe survey also revealed that around 70 per cent reported having experienced some kind of hacking or data compromise in the past year.

Of those, 39 per cent had experienced an attack, with some of the most common targets being banking sites, medical facilities, and credit cards.

The other 37 per’ths said they were victims of online fraud, but only 21 per’thed the identity of the perpetrators.

And of those, only a third of people who experienced any kind of cyber attack reported it to their bank or credit card company.

So, if you do have a personal privacy policy at work or at home, it’s not the most secure way to protect yourself online.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea, however.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always have a separate set of settings on your computer, says Sophos security expert, Tom Bower.

“The most important things to consider are whether you want to have a setting for personal data or for online privacy,” he says.

“If you don’t, you’ll be giving up control of your data, as well as your privacy.”

You can learn more about cyber security in the infographic below.

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