Why Jaden Hossler Is Making His Own Album – Exclusive interview

By Sarah Kate EllisThe rapper/actor/comedian Jaden Hoosier has just released his first album in six years, but it’s not just the fact that it’s coming out now that makes it stand out.

The songwriting is also incredibly fresh and has been brought together in a way that makes the album feel more organic than the past two albums.

As he says, “It’s all about me.

I wrote this album, I wrote the lyrics, I had this band called my band and then I just put it out there.”

He’s referring to his new label, JadenHoosier, who is bringing his songs to a global audience through the bandcamp.

He says, “[The songwriting] is the thing that made me stand out from the rest of the world.”

That’s why the record is so different than the other albums of his career.

He was on the road a lot during the last couple of years, and the way that he was able to make these songs felt natural.

He also said that the new album is the result of a collaboration with the producer who helped him get his last record off the ground.

He said, “We worked together for years.

And he has this amazing sound.

So we got on board and I was like, ‘Well, this is where we’re going.'”

You can see the similarities between Jaden and his bandmate, Cassandra Jade.

Cassandra Jade is a veteran producer who also wrote his own songs for Jaden’s first album, but this time around, Jada is the one taking the reins.

The two collaborated on the new record, and Cassandra Jade said, “[Jaden] was the one that was in my head all along and told me to write this song.

He helped me write this record.

He’s the one who gave me the idea to do this.”

Cassandra Jade also mentioned that the collaboration between Jada and Cassandra will help Jaden with his personal and professional growth.

She said, [Jaden and Cassandra] came together after Jaden got a bit sick.

They were like, Let’s go get some drinks and chill and then they got together and they worked on a song together.

And I think they both got really excited about writing songs together.

He had been working on his own record since he was 15, so it was a really natural thing.

I think that’s the best compliment I can give him.

Jaden said, ‘I got to start by working with a woman.’

That’s the way I feel.

“The songs that Jaden has been working hard on for the past six years have been really personal and really personal to him.

It’s not as if they were all written by him, but they all have a kind of narrative behind them that is just so raw and personal.

You don’t necessarily expect a singer like him to write such a personal album.

He talks about how he didn’t want to be too emotional on his last album, and he said, that was just the beginning.

He was really looking forward to writing a record like this.

He feels that his first record was kind of a reflection of himself.

But he said that now, it’s about taking control of his own personal life and his own life as a person.

He added, “Now that I’ve gotten sick, I feel like I need to get back to that place where I feel that I’m being myself and I’m really not being a self-involved piece of shit.

That’s a lot different.

I feel really good about where I’m at.

“He also talked about how his next record will be about the relationship between a woman and a man, as well as the relationship that he has with his daughter.

Jada said, It’s gonna be a record about a girl that he’s got a daughter with and it’s gonna give me a chance to really show my daughter what’s really important in life.

The music is about what we’re missing out on, he said.

And the lyrics are about how to live and how to love and how not to let your emotions rule your life.”

I’ve known her since I was 12 years old and she helped me make my first record. “

She was on my first album and she’s really a genius.

I’ve known her since I was 12 years old and she helped me make my first record.

She’s really just a really good producer and she really brought her vision to my record.

And she’s the perfect person to make this record with.

It’ll be a good family record.”

Cassandra Jade is the creator of a popular YouTube channel called Cassandra Jade’s Daughter, which features videos about her daughter, Cassandra, and other subjects.

She talks about her relationship with her daughter.

She explained, “I’ve known Cassandra Jade since she was 12.

She was the first one I ever told my son, and she is really the

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