How did you come to write this song?

I was reading the news and I thought, ‘Man, this guy is a great writer.

He wrote a great song about his own family’.

Then I saw that this guy wrote this really nice song about himself and it was amazing to me.

He just had this amazing song.

I was like, ‘What is that song about?’

And then I realised that the whole thing was about him and he just had an amazing sense of humour.

Then I wrote the lyrics and the melodies and he did a wonderful job.

I remember thinking to myself, ‘This is brilliant.’

Then it all came together and we made the video.

I just love the idea of writing a song about someone’s family and then seeing them grow up and having their own lives and their own dreams.

And then it just happened to be a song called ‘Jerusalem’.

I wrote this whole song about my dad.

He was a soldier in the Israeli army, a guy that served for a long time and then he was shot by an Israeli sniper.

So he was a really big part of my life.

Then we made this video and he said, ‘I just love this song.’

It was a song that my dad sang when he was still in the army.

Then when he returned home, he had this song, ‘Jericho’, which he was very proud of and I wrote a lot about.

So I just thought, this is brilliant.

I loved the idea and I felt I was going to do this video.

The song was written when I was about 14 and he was 22 and we were working in a video studio together, making the video together.

It was really fun.

It is a pretty simple story, but it was a little bit of a journey.

When we were shooting in the studio, we would have a small table for us to sit on, and we would sit on a stool, and I would sit in front of him.

And we would be filming the scene and we’d go, ‘Okay, how about we make a sandwich?’

And he would be like, [expletive] yeah!

So we would make sandwiches.

And the next day he would come in and say, ‘How about we eat?’

And I would say, [food is] good.’

And he’d say, “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna eat.

That’s a good one.”

He would go home and be eating his sandwiches, and he would go, “Thank you.”

Then we’d have another sandwich and we did a little video together and I just kept telling him, ‘Oh, that’s a really good sandwich.

Thank you very much.’

“And he was like [exclamation mark].

And we kept filming the video and then I’d see him in the video again and he’d be like [gestures to a camera].

So I think we were making a video together for like a month or so.

And after that I said to him, “Hey, can you make a video with me?”

And he said yes, and then it was just, “Wow.”

I didn’t know what to do with it.

It wasn’t my thing.

I had never done a video like this before.

So we made a video and we started shooting the video, and in the end we had like a million people watch the video because it was so great.

I thought it was great.

Then he had another song called Jerusalem, which was written by his wife.

Then, we made another video together, and that was the last time I saw him alive, because I was doing the whole video together with my wife.

I couldn’t believe it.

I mean, he was so sweet, and so loving.

I don’t think I have ever seen a more caring husband.

Then the next thing we knew, he died in 2006, and now I am a really sad person because of what he did.

It just doesn’t make sense.

I have no explanation for it.

When I look back on it, I just can’t understand it.

But when I am with my son, he says, “Dad, Dad, you have to be happy, Dad.”

I think that was him.

I think it was him when he wrote it.

That song was about his dad, and it had so much weight and resonance for him and for me.

Then after we made that video, he told me, “That song just made me laugh.”

So I had to make another one about him.

Then there was a video I did about him that was also about a man named Omar Khadr, and one of the things he had to do was go through a rehabilitation program.

He had been arrested for an act of terrorism, and my dad wrote that song for him.

It’s very funny and poignant, but then it got a little more personal.

The last thing I have to do is write a song for my son.

So that song was called ‘The Last of Us’ and he wrote

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