Why you should be on Twitter for the next few weeks

The most common question people ask me is: why should I be on twitter? 

The answer to that is: it’s the best way to find out what’s going on in the world of science, politics, culture and the arts.

So here’s a short list of reasons why you should definitely be on your phone at the moment.1.

Science news is everywhere and your newsfeed is just getting started.

Twitter is the biggest news outlet in the universe, so you can be on the front page of every news site on the planet.

The world’s leading social network also has a great archive of science articles, so it’s a great place to start reading and sharing new information.2.

Follow your local science news site and get your news from the experts.

Science-oriented outlets like Slate, ScienceInsider, and Scientific American are among the best sources of news about science, and they’re all getting bigger every day.

If you follow any of them, you’ll get a steady stream of news and views from scientists across the country and around the world.3.

You’ll be the first person to see new research.

If the news is about new discoveries that scientists are making or that you’ve heard about, you can look at that story in the first few hours after it’s published.

And if the news isn’t about new scientific research, you’re probably more likely to see it in a different way. 

You can also get your information from Twitter’s Trending Topics feature. 

This feature allows you to get information from more than 100 different news sources at once, including blogs, social media, news sites, and more. 


You can share your thoughts on important scientific topics with others.

There’s no better way to get the latest information on science than to read and share your own tweets.

You could retweet a tweet that says “My colleague has discovered a new species of animal in Australia, and I’m going to talk about it,” or you could share a tweet saying “I’m really excited to share this study that suggests that humans can make more babies than chimpanzees.

This is going to blow your mind.” 


Your tweets will be viewed by more people.

If something you post on Twitter is retweeted more than a million times, your tweets will end up on the top of the news feeds of more people than all the tweets from all the other people who follow you. 


Your Tweets are searchable.

There are millions of tweets and comments in the news, and it’s not always obvious what you want to see. 

If you’re not already following a prominent science news outlet, start with one that’s on Twitter, and see what you can find.

It’s worth it. 7.

Your tweet can reach people all over the world for free.

Many people have started using Twitter to share news and ideas that are important to them.

If they want to find and comment on your tweet, you have a great opportunity to make sure that they get the most relevant and interesting information about science and the world around them. 


You’re not alone.

There may be a new piece of news that everyone wants to hear, or a new story that is just too good to pass up.

If there’s something you want everyone to know, you could tweet it out and people who might not have access to the information might see it.

Or, you might just want to get some people talking about something you might not know. 


You get to follow other people’s tweets.

There have been countless cases of celebrities tweeting about new ideas and news, including celebrities who are also scientists.

You may also want to add someone else to your circle of friends, and be on their radar. 


You don’t have to spend $1.99 a month on an iPhone.

With the iPhone 6s, the new flagship model, you no longer need to shell out $49.99 for a smartphone.

You also can save money and get access to more of the latest and greatest features with the iPhone X. Follow me on Twitter to learn more about what’s happening in the arts, science, technology, and other news outlets that interest you.

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