Jada Pinkett’s nude photo scandal continues to reverberate

The nude pictures of Jada Whitehead and Jada Jones, who were among the celebrities whose privacy was breached by the celebrity photographer Ashley Madison, are still out there.

Whitehead, 37, posted a picture of her in a bathtub, naked, on Instagram.

The picture, which has since been removed, has been shared nearly 50,000 times.

The photo has since also been used by other celebrities.

Jones, 32, who is in a relationship with former boyfriend Tyler Perry, posted the same image in June and has since had thousands of followers.

Perry was arrested last month on a charge of using the website to lure women for sex.

He is currently on house arrest.

Jones posted a similar photo of herself in a hotel room, naked.

Perry has said the couple had no intention of engaging in sex but were simply engaging in a romantic evening.

Perry’s lawyer said in court documents that the couple are no longer married.

A spokesperson for the family told the Associated Press that Perry was not involved with the affair.

Perry and Jones are still married and divorced.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pinkett said she believed she was in the same boat as Jones.

“I had a very good sex life with a very nice man.

And it was just the way it was.

It was just an accident, I guess,” Pinkett told the show.

She said she did not think she had been sexually abused.

“It just doesn’t feel right to me to have a guy come in my room and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to have sex for you because you can’t get married because you’re married to someone else.’

It doesn’t seem right to be a woman.

I don’t feel I’m a victim,” Pinket said.

The actress also said she has suffered through bullying from her peers in the entertainment industry.

“All of these things, these things I dealt with, I think were very traumatic for me.

I really did not have any protection, not in the form of the people I worked with or who I loved,” Pinkette told the TV show.

Pinkett is the first woman to star in the big screen adaptation of Gone Girl, a novel about the 2013 suicide of the actress Rachel Weisz.

She has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as an FBI agent in the film, which was shot and produced by The Weinstein Co.

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