Jada Smith: ‘We’ve all been cheated on’

Jada and Jade Smith say they’ve been cheated out of their wedding and are now hoping to reunite.

But as they prepare to return to their lives in California, they are not exactly sure how to celebrate their marriage.

“We are definitely hoping to have a little bit of fun and just make some new memories with everyone,” Jade Smith told CNN’s “Inside Edition.”

“It’s just been so frustrating.

We are all in this together,” Jada said.

“We’ve had so many good times together and we just need to be able to do that.”

The couple’s story began on a date in New Mexico in 2012.

Jade, a college student, and Jade’s boyfriend, John, were dating and had recently moved to Los Angeles.

They had recently started dating and decided to go on a honeymoon together.

Jade said she felt her happiness was “thrilled” when John told her he was pregnant and she was expecting a baby boy.

But her excitement quickly faded when she learned that he was cheating on her.

Jae and Jade met at a wedding in Los Angeles, California.

Jada Smith says she and Jade were not thrilled about John’s pregnancy.

“It was like a shock,” she told CNN.

“The day before I was supposed to go to the wedding, I just had a very nervous breakdown.”

Jade says she felt that she and John were getting married because she was pregnant.

“I just felt like this was the right thing to do,” she said.

“I was in so much pain and I was in such a state of shock.

I was so emotional,” Jade said.

She and Jade, now in their 30s, have been together for four years and now have three kids.JADE’S STORY: Jada is still not sure how she feels about John.

“For some reason, I feel bad that he cheated on me,” she explained.

“When I told him, I was kind of flabbergasted.

I mean, I never thought that he would be doing that to me,” Jade added.JADAS APOLOGY: Jade and John have apologized to Jada.

“There is no truth to the rumors,” John told “Inside Amy” host Amy Robach.

“And if I did it, it was wrong.

But we will do better.”

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