How to make your iPhone look like the original iPhone

Apple is working to re-brand its iPhone design as “the original iPhone,” a move that would make it more accessible and attractive for customers.

The new design, which is being called the iPhone 5s, will be the first time that the company has ever used the phrase “iPhone 5” in its name.

The company said the redesign was inspired by a design challenge it received in 2009.

The challenge involved designing a new iPhone from scratch, but the challenge was met by a designer from another company, which came up with a similar redesign of the same design that also won the contest.

The designer, an unnamed designer who is working on an iPhone design book, told Ars Technic that he and his colleagues came up on a new design for the iPhone that would allow for a better feel and feel of the original design.

The iPhone 5 will be based on the same high-quality materials that make up the iPhone, but they will be a bit different, according to the designer.

The high-end materials will be plastic and aluminum, but Apple is using a blend of both materials.

The device will have a curved screen that’s a bit thicker than the current iPhone 5, but will also be thinner.

The design is still being finalized, and Apple will announce more details later this week.

The change in the iPhone design will be part of a bigger effort to rebrand the device as a modern phone that offers more than just a modern interface.

The idea is to make the iPhone the device that people want to use, and to make it feel more personal and more like a modern product, according Steve Jobs, who has led the iPhone development team since 2011.

“The idea behind this is to do it in a way that makes it feel like a phone,” Jobs said during a conference call with investors on Tuesday.

“It’s not a device that just needs a screen, a processor, and a display to run.”

The company is also working on a version of the iPhone called the new iPhone 5c.

Apple’s redesigned iPhone 5 has a new face and a new back cover, with a more modern design overall.

The face is curved and a touch smaller, while the back cover is a bit taller and has a more polished finish.

It also features a larger bezel and an iPhone logo at the top.

The rounded design is also a better fit for the phone’s screen, according the designer who spoke to Ars Technics.

“There’s a difference in the design when you put it against the screen, but when you take it out, you get a more curved shape,” the designer said.

The overall look of the new device is also much more modern, according Jobs.

The “original” iPhone design was designed by John Elop, a designer who worked on the original iPod.

It was released in 2001.

“Apple is going to be using this same approach in the future, so that we have a new and modern look for our phones, but also, you know, the look of how a phone should look,” Jobs added.

“We are going to go back to a more premium look that is also familiar, and it will be familiar to the customer, and I think it will appeal to people.”

The iPhone designers said they will use an all-new material for the back and sides of the device.

The back cover will be made of an aluminum alloy, and the rest of the design will look similar to the iPhone 4, which has a glass-like back.

“You are going be able to feel the material of the back, and you can feel the feel of how the material is going into your hand,” the design director told Ars.

“That’s going to allow you to use it on a regular basis.”

The new iPhone design is expected to be unveiled later this month, though it could be unveiled earlier in the year.

“This is the first iPhone redesign for a very long time, and we are so proud of it,” Jobs told investors on Monday.

“I know people are excited about it, and they are looking forward to it.”

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