What’s happening to Jade Island?

Posted January 10, 2019 06:19:06The island, also known as Jade, has long been considered the most important place in the world for scientific research and discovery.

The island is home to a large and diverse population of birds and mammals, including a number of species of turtles and turtles and their eggs, a range of coral species, and a host of endemic species.

Jades are also one of the only areas on Earth where a variety of endemic bird species exist.

Jade Island is known for its unusual environment, as well as its unique ecology.

In particular, it is home not only to the island’s only nesting colony of the common orangutan, the solitary mountain peafowl, the rare black-footed ferret, the endangered black-and-white sea turtle, and the critically endangered northern spotted turtle, but also to the world’s largest population of golden turtles, which live in the sand dunes of the island.

According to a 2011 report from the National Park Service, there are currently 544 individuals of the golden turtle, which are considered endangered.

The population is thought to be around 500 to 600 individuals.

According to the report, the population is declining, and is estimated to be as low as 1,000 individuals.

While the population of the endangered golden turtle is thought by many to be decreasing, there is still hope that the species will rebound, especially as there are other species that are listed as endangered in the protected areas, such as the endangered blue and white sand tortoise.

According the National Geographic website, the golden turtles’ habitats range from a range from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, and they live in coastal, rocky and coastal dunes, as far away as the Caribbean Sea.

In fact, one of its natural habitats is called the “dunes of paradise.”

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