When it comes to women in STEM careers, a few things will always hold you back

hailie jeade has had to overcome a lot in her life to be able to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, but her perseverance has paid off and she’s now making a name for herself as a woman in STEM.

The actress has been nominated for several awards, including best actress for her performance in The Birth of a Nation, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ prestigious Women in Science Award.

She said, “I really felt like I was doing this for the right reasons.

I was getting into the science field and then I was going to the Oscars and I was really looking forward to it.

Then it just happened.

It’s really cool to think that I’m doing it for the wrong reasons, but I’m just glad to have a place where I’m still getting the recognition that I deserve.”

While Jeade has been working towards becoming a pediatrician for the past few years, she said she was always concerned that she would not be able find a career in STEM fields because she was “always thinking about how long I had to wait.”

“I’m in a position now where I can make it, but also I can look back and think, ‘I’m just going to keep going because I’m going to have to do it for this long and this long,'” she said.

“I think for a lot of people, it’s really hard to get out of STEM, so it’s nice to be a little bit of an anomaly.”

While there are still many barriers to entry for women in science, Jeade said they are “not that hard to overcome” and that “people have the freedom to be who they are.”

“You can do it and then you don’t need to worry about the hat,” she said of her current challenges.

“You don’t have to worry if you can’t see yourself as a scientist.

You can be someone who is confident and successful and happy in whatever field you are in.

I just feel like I have a lot more freedom in this area.”

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